Spitakavor Church of Ashtarak

Spitakavor church, literally meaning white-colored church, is a 13th-century partly ruined Armenia church located at the edge of a gorge in the town of Ashtarak, Aragatsotn Province, Armenia.
According to a legend, three sisters lived in Ashtarak, all of whom fell in love with the same man, prince Sargis. The elder two sisters decided to commit suicide in favor of the youngest one. One wearing an apricot-orange dress and the other wearing a red dress, they threw themselves into the gorge. When the youngest sister found out, she put on a white dress and also threw herself into the gorge. Sargis then became a hermit and three small churches appeared at the edge of the gorge, named after the sisters' dress colors.
Spitakavor is a small cruciform type church constructed during the 13th century. It is apricot-orange in color, because of the tufa stone used for the construction of the building. Presently, only the walls remain since the roof, drum, and dome have collapsed. There is a main portal to the structure at the front façade, and another at the side of the church. Interior walls are flat except for the semi-circular apse located directly across from the main portal. Very little decoration adorns the church other than some cruciform relief found on the exterior walls.

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