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The Caucasus Tours is the leading private tour agency based in Armenia. We specialize in safe and sanitary custom tours. We don’t resell our tours but we operate them on our own as we are all professional guides and we own our transportation. Our guests explore gorgeous Armenia in an intimate setting with an expert guide in comfort. Our modern and luxury Audi Q7 or Ford Flex will take up to 4 guests on a completely customizable tour of Armenia. With 8000 years of history in winemaking, Armenia is the oldest wine country on this planet with an archaeological evidence, the world’s oldest winery in the world, 6100 years old which are you going to see on this tour. From majestic private Vayots Dzor Wine Country tours covering gems of medieval architecture including the world’s oldest winery, to the most stunning boutique wineries on the Ararat Valley nestled between the slopes of the snow-capped giant mountains of Aragats and Mount Ararat, to the lush green northern region of Tavush with a completely different terroir, we cover it all. Let us create the custom tour of your dreams. We want to make this a lifetime experience.


These tours are all-inclusive, in-depth multi-day tour of wine tasting focused on education and developing your palate through your process of sensory evaluation. Our tour also combines over-the-top exclusive experiences such as savoring the flavors of real Armenia, eating like a local by tasting the authentic Armenian food, participating in cooking classes in an 18th century heritage house in a remote mountain village of Armenia with an amazing grandma using a 300 year-old family cookbook, perusing the most amazing local arts & crafts markets, private in-home dining experiences with breathtaking Mount Ararat view and Yerevan cityscape, private viewing of an art collection in a private home with the artist and the collector, dinner with a fashion designer in his extravagant house, dinner and wine tasting in both boutique family-owned wineries and some bigger wineries which are a famous brand.

Mariam Ghazarian, a professional licensed cultural and wine guide with 20 years of experience will show you around. She will teach you how to appreciate award-winning wines in a fun and down to earth way. This unforgettable multi-day tour takes place in a fun environment with little surprises along the way.

Best wine Tours in Armenia


Wine was made in Armenia at least 8000 years ago as the world’s oldest winery (as well as the oldest grape seeds vitis vinifera vinifera) has been found in a cave in Armenia (6100 years old), it's stunning how well-preserved it is. Noah was the first winemaker according to the book of Genesis and it's interesting that his ark landed on the biblical Mount Ararat which is the national symbol of Armenia and it is visible from Yerevan and from most regions of Armenia. Ironically the world’s oldest winery is located not so far from the biblical Mount Ararat.
The ornaments with grape bunches and wine leaves can be seen on the walls of 7th - 17th century medieval churches in Armenia, as well as on many buildings of modern Yerevan which bear the medieval ornamental art. The other important fact is that Armenia is known as the first Christian country in the world since 301A.D. and wine was made everywhere, nearly all monasteries had their own wine-press and wine cellars as wine has been considered the blood of Christ used during the communion.

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