Hiking Tour in Armenia

13 days / 12 nights

Tour Highlights

  • Hike to some of world’s oldest and most beautiful Christian monasteries and churches in amazing natural settings

  • Ride the world’s longest aerial tramway “Wings of Tatev” taking to Tatev Monastery built by the Swiss (5.7 km)

  • Experience the uncommon Armenian hospitality at its best; sample delicious and unique Armenian cuisine and Armenian cognac, the best in the world

  • Marvel at the beauty of biblical Mount Ararat (5165 m), where Noah’s ark landed after the Great Flood

  • Explore Yerevan, a magical European capital with thriving nightlife under the gaze of Mount Ararat

  • Visit all the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Armenia.

Rates & Departures

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What's Included


  • Accommodation at hotel in DBL/Twin rooms (12 nights)

  • Transportation with a comfortable cars with AC

  • English speaking guide

  • Breakfast at the hotel

  • Entrance fees to all visited places

  • Armenian bread Lavash making in a local house in Garni village

  • Wine tasting in Areni

  • Brandy Tasting & tour at NOY Ararat Brandy factory

  • Airport transfers

  • Local taxes

Not included

  • Lunches & dinners

  • Flights

  • Travel insurance

  • Visa to Armenia (if required)

  • Single room supplement

  • Bank transfer fees

Detailed Itinerary

Arrival at Zvartnots International Airport. Meet & greet. Transfer to the hotel in Yerevan. Hotel check-in.

Overnight in Yerevan

In the late morning we start a 3 – 4 hour walking tour of Yerevan, a colorful modern capital, at the same time one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world the history of which goes back to 782 B.C. We start our exploration with the Republic Square with it magnificent buildings enhanced by singing fountains. Walking down the Abovyan Street, one of the oldest streets in Yerevan which was on the Great Silk Road, we continue to, Northern Avenue, Opera House, Cascade, Ring Park encircling the downtown, ending the tour with a visit to the City Bazaar.
Overnight in Yerevan

Meal plan: breakfast

We drive to Garni Fortress, the most beloved summer residence of the Armenian royal dynasties. Travel 2000 years back in time as your guide is showing you around the impressive 1st century Hellenistic Temple (the only one in the former USSR), the royal Roman Baths with a colorful mosaic, the palace ruins.
We visit a local villager’s house for a traditional Armenian meal. Our table is set amid the blooming apricot orchard. Roll your sleeves up and join our hosts who will bake the traditional Armenian bread “lavash” in “tonir” oven. Freshly baked lavash has to be the most delicious bread on earth!
After a hearty lunch continue to Geghard (UNESCO site), a surreal monastery carved inside a huge rock in a magical setting surrounded by incredible rock formations. Your guide will reveal all the secrets and stories behind the marvelous site.
The highlight of your trip will be a walk in the Azat River Gorge to marvel at one of the most beautiful geological wonders of our planet called “Symphony of Stones” – giant hexagonal basalt columns stretching along the river for several kilometers. Your guide will show you how to take the most creative photos of the place.
Overnight in Yerevan. 

Light walk: 2-3km / 1.5 miles (easy)

Early morning 3 km nature walk to a real fairy-tale area. Breathe fresh mountain air enriched with the fragrance of dozens of wild colorful flowers as you walk the trail leading us to the medieval Tapi Castle with romantic stories and tales associating with the site.
Afterwards light walk and photography in Angels’ Canyon in Armenia’s only desert, a marvelous place to fully enjoy the nature! This is a stunning natural canyon in the Ararat Province that looks like something out of a sci-fi movie!!! While there, try to be a part of the legend when angels come down to Canyon at midnight 💫
Our next stop is at Khor Virap Monastery, a 4th century castle-like fairy-tale monastery, the most iconic site in Armenia. Its location, near the closest point to biblical Mount Ararat within Armenian borders, offers a spectacular view of the snow-capped mountain, the national symbol of Armenia.
Later we will relax in a village house and enjoy an authentic lunch spiced with a cheese making master class by our charming hostess.
Late afternoon light makes a trip to Noravank a magical experience as it enhances the vibrant red and orange hues of the adjacent giant rocks and mountains. Your guide will show you around the impressive medieval monastery revealing all its secrets to you.
If time permits we can visit Areni-1 Cave to see the oldest winery in the world.
Overnight in Yeghegis village.
Hiking distance: 8km / 5 miles, easy to moderate

Early in the morning we have a beautiful hike to the 5th century King Smbat’s Castle (Smbataberd) with the most breathtaking panoramic views of bottomless gorges with tiny villages, sky-scraping snow-dusted peaks. You may even spot a heard of bezoar goats here as you descend into a meadow, only to hike up again, this time to Tsakhats Kar medieval monastic complex. The rest of the trail is downhill to the village of Yeghegis. On our way we will see an 800-year-old Jewish cemetery with Hebrew and Aramaic inscriptions on some of the tombstones.
Lunch and wine tasting in Yeghegnadzor “Wine Country”. Succulent “khorovats” (barbecue) is on the menu! At the best local winery taste their blow-your-socks off Areni (a deep, full-bodied red) wines made according to traditional wine making techniques used in Armenia thousands of years ago, including the fermentation in terracotta vessels, called karas in Armenian.
Overnight in Goris
Hiking Distance: 10.17km / 6.3 miles (medium difficulty)
Ascent/Descent: 1563m/2086m

Today we will have a fabulous nature walk along some incredible abandoned cave towns of Armenia frozen in time.
We start our hike from Old Shinuhayr village marveling at a waterfall.  Our trail offers spectacular open views of Old Khot village (“The Armenian Machu Picchu”) spread mysteriously on a mountain slope descending the Vorotan Gorge. We explore the cave apartments and are fascinated by the geological formations on the place looking like “fairy-chimneys”.
We have a relaxing ride on the “Wings of Tatev” aerial tramway which holds the World Guinness Record as the longest reversable cable-car (5,7km/3.5mi). The ropeway provides a scenic view of the Vorotan River Canyon with skyscraping snow-capped mountains, waterfalls, green forest glades as well as the 9th century castle-monastery of Tatev perched on the edge of a giant cliff. We get off the tram to explore the miraculous monastic complex which boasts having one of the oldest universities in medieval Europe. Marvel at the gorgeous architecture of the elegant churches, exquisitely carved stone-crosses and enjoy the ascetic atmosphere of the site.
Lunch in a beautiful garden where you taste the typical dishes of Syuniq region.
Overnight in Goris
Hiking Distance: 10 km / 6.2 miles (medium difficulty)
Ascent/Descent: 1260/1550m

This morning we explore the quant and charming Goris, a town in orchards where the houses have the same unique architecture with arch-shaped windows and red roofs. See old Old Goris cave town from a viewpoint.
Later we drive to Karahunj known as the “Armenian Stonehenge”, the oldest observatory in the world which is 7500 years old. There are 223 vertically standing stones 84 of which have holes. The ancients were gazing the stars using them as telescopes.
Lunch in a lovely riverside restaurant. Later we visit Shaki Waterfall along the way.
Continue driving to Jermuk, Armenia’s first-class spa town with hot springs at 2080m inside a natural forest surrounded by alpine meadows. Taste the famous Jermuk mineral water in the drinking-gallery. Visit the stunning Mermaid’s Hair Waterfall. Take a chair-lift to the mountain top for the breathtaking views of the town. If you feel adventurous, you can take a 4×4 to the hot springs outside the town and bathe inside a natural bath-tub with its bubbling waters (optional and highly recommended!).
Dinner and overnight in Jermuk
Light walk: 2-3km / 1.5 miles (easy)

Driving through Vardenyats Mountain Pass famous for its fascinating colorful mountains we tour the Orbelian Caravanserai on the Great Silk Road at the highest point of the pass (2410 m). Here little has changed since the fourteenth century. The Caravanserai offered hospitality to travelers along the highway crossing the Selim mountains.
Visit the Stone Garden – Noratus, the largest field of Armenian exquisite cross-stones in the world.
Visit a family-owned premium cheese farm in an alpine village and enjoy the local hospitality.
Marvel at stunning turquoise waters of the Lake Sevan and dramatic snowy mountain scenery after climbing up the peninsula hill where we visit the 9th century Sevanavank Monastery (optional, over 240 steps to get there).
For the lunch we stop at a lakeside restaurant to sample fish barbecue.
Continue to lush green Dilijan, often called “Armenia’s Switzerland”. Take a stroll in Old Dilijan town with its craftsmen’s workshops and stores.
We drive to the depth of the forest and tour the fairy-tale Haghartsin medieval monastery tucked away on a hidden remote glade. 
Overnight in Dilijan

“If God wishes to visit Armenia one day, I will take him to Dilijan”, Grigor Magistros, a medieval Armenian scholar, prince (990-1058)
After a healthy breakfast we head out to discover the marvels of Dilijan National Park, a protected area renowned for its serene lakes, picturesque hill trails and peaceful villages often called “Armenia’s Switzerland”. 
We start our hike in Gosh village and walking through beautiful forest glades with blooming daisies and wild strawberries we reach the charming Lake Gosh. A place where the Gods reside? Or is this the heaven we have been searching for? At least that is the sense one gets when in the presence of this extraordinary and strange beauty. One rarely confronts with so much alluring beauty, calmness, tranquility, and a seductive manifestation of nature’s splendor. We will have free time to rest by the lake, or simply walk around or meditate…or have a picnic…
We head to Goshavank medieval monastery housing one of top 10 most beautiful Armenian stone-crosses ever carved.
Later we visit the breeding center of the Caucasian red deer. You can feed them!
We continue revealing the hidden sites in the forests as we drive to a beautiful lake named Parz, where you can relax or take a peddle-boat, or if you feel adventurous you can try the zipline over the lake!
Late lunch. Enjoy a real samovar tea, wild raspberry jam, pancakes, home-made cheese and fresh bread with a Molokan family in a small exotic village.
Overnight in Dilijan.
Hiking Distance: 6 km / 3.7 miles (medium difficulty)
Ascent/Descent: 1428/1222m

Today we will hike in one of the most beautiful remote regions of Armenia, truly called its “best-kept secret”, a real fairy-tale land.
We start our nature walk 8 km round trip to a stunning gorge with numerous cascades and small waterfalls, ancient caves where pagan rituals were practiced. And they are all hidden in the forest depths.
A forested route into the most unspoiled and rugged area will take us to a deep gorge before descending to cascading waterfalls and the most scenic meadows in Armenia. We will reach hidden caves with carved relieves resembling those once created by the Maya and Aztec culture.
All the time you’ll have open views of the beautiful green plateau and snow-dusted peaks. We explore the caves, enjoy a cup of coffee and snacks by the water cascades.
*The adventurous ones can try a zip-line before starting the hike (optional).
Later we visit a charming village house of a wonderful young winemaker and learn about his life, stories and Tavush region wines (different terroir). Fabulous lunch with ingredients from the organic farm of our hosts accompanied by wine tasting, stories provide a memorable experience.
Afterwards we drive to the “emerald” region of Armenia, Lori with sweeping panoramas and we tour Akhtala, a castle-monastery with 800-year-old frescoes of mesmerizing beauty.
Overnight in Haghpat village.
Hiking Distance: 8 km / 5 miles (medium difficulty)
Ascent/Descent: 1370/1120m

Today we are exploring the gems of Lori nestled along the fascinating Debed River Canyon. Rugged rock, forested mountains, the fast-flowing Debed River, medieval castles and churches everywhere make this region mysteriously attractive.
Visit Haghpat UNESCO Monastery built with the best traditions of the Armenian medieval architecture.
Afterwards we hike through a breathtaking gorge and pass the abandoned monastery of Horomayr closer to the heights of the eagle flight. If you feel energetic we continue further down along the scenic gorge till we explore a marvel lost in the forests of Lori, Kobayr Monastery with beautiful medieval frescoes, waterfalls around. Drive to Yerevan.
Overnight in Yerevan
Hiking Distance: 8 km / 5 miles (medium difficulty)
Ascent/Descent: 1109/743m

We drive towards Mount Aragats (4090m), the highest peak of Armenia and Trans-Caucasus. Visit the 7th century Amberd Castle (“A Castle in the Clouds”), a fitting name given to it because of its elevation at 2300m. It is the best-preserved fortress in Armenia.
Breathtaking views of the castle and its citadel, snow-covered peaks of Aragats, sun scorched grasslands dressed in wild flowers combine to provide an unforgettable experience this morning. On the way we can stop to take a photo of high-mountain camps of friendly Yezidi people who tend their sheep under the towering peaks of Aragats. 
Later we continue to Lake Kari at an altitude of 3200m formed from the melted ice.
Afterwards we climb the Southern peak of Mount Aragats guided by our professional mountain guide (it takes 5-6 hours).
Overnight in Yerevan
Hiking Distance: 11 km / 5 miles (medium difficulty)
Ascent/Descent: 3200/3887m

Transfer to the airport, departure

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