Jean and I enjoyed everything, from start to finish.  At least among our friends, the South Caucasus regions is so little-known that the customary reaction when we mentioned where we were going was, "Where is that?"  We are just now sorting through our photographs, to make a photo book of the trip. (By the way, the excellent weather contributed to my many excellent photographs.)  We felt like we were well watched over, and well cared for every step of the way.  The food was excellent, and none of the four of us had any adverse reaction to any of the food.  Bottled water was always there for us. 

Itinerary: Excellent.  We particularly enjoyed the trip to the Davit Gareja monastery in Georgia, and Geghard monastery and Garni Temple in Armenia.  I wish we had a little more time in Sheki, Azerbaijan, but you can't see everything.  We enjoyed the palace there. None of the drives were too long, your drivers were excellent, and the trip was well-paced. Each guide made sure that we saw everything on the itinerary. 

Guides: Again, excellent.  We particularly enjoyed the guide in Armenia, and her recommendations (and those of the driver) regarding food.  Each was fluent in English.

Cars: Very good to excellent.  We had plenty of room for the four of us, and the cars were always clean and well-stocked with water.

Drivers: Excellent and outstanding.  Skilled in rural and urban traffic.  The driver in Georgia was especially helpful to Jean, who had double knee replacement a year ago.  The driver in Armenia was a real gem.  One day he prepared a roadside snack for us of local grapes and other food that he brought with him.  I trusted each of them in often difficult road conditions.

Hotels: Yes, again, excellent.  The hotel in Baku was fine, and suffered only in comparison to the outstanding hotels in Tbilisi and Yerevan.  The two rural hotels, in Sheki and Telavi, were real finds.  Each of the three hotels in Baku, Tbilisi, and Yerevan was wonderfully located.  You just had to step out of the door to be near shopping, restaurants, etc. 

In conclusion, this trip exceeded our already high expectations in every way. I'm so glad that we worked with you, and that my wife's friend recommended you.  We will always remember this trip, and the expertise and hospitality shown by your guides.  Best wishes for 2020

A. Hugh & Jean USA/Germany

Dear Hasmik,

It was such a busy time since we arrived back from our tour that you arranged that I have not had time to write to you. I am sitting in a plane some where over the Atlantic Ocean on our way to Argentina. We shall visit Buenos Aires, Bariloche, Califate and Ushuaia. There we board a ship to go to Antartica. We are super excited with this.


But to come back to our tour: you have put together a great tour for us. We have seen so many places that we have not heard about before. It gave us an excellent perspective of that part of the world. Many people were very curious about Armenia, Georgia an West Turkey and I shall be happy to recommend you and your company to them.


All our flights and transfers went smoothly and the hotels were of a good standard. The Alexandrapol Palace Hotel in Gyumri was a really treasure: unbelievable and in the middle of nowhere!


The guide in Georgia was very well informed and we enjoyed the time spent with him.

In Armenia, Maria and Yura were stars! She was very well prepared and she was one of the best guides we had ever. Yura was a very good driver and the car was very clean and the wi-fi in the car was much appreciated: a real bonus and much to our surprise!

All in all an excellent tour and we shall gladly recommend you and your company. Thank you very much.


We wish you and all the guides a Blessed Festive Season and Prosperous New Year.


Kind regards,

Johann S., South Africa

We spent 33 days in Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Armenia with three different drivers and guides on a tour set up by Mrs. Hasmik. This trip was superb and my wife and I have traveled the world extensively (at least 90 countries). My wife has leg pain that means she can't walk well for extensive distances. But thanks to Hasmik who organized such a wonderful itinerary that we really enjoyed.

All the tour guides were amazing with a lot of knowledge about their countries.

The hotels were excellent. We really enjoyed each meal, there were all different and delicious but the food in Armenia was the best.

Also a special thanks to our guide in Armenia Mariam and the driver Levon, they were wonderful in accommodating our every need during the 17 days we spent with them in Armenia.

We will highly recommend this company to all our friends.

Gary L , USA

My wife and I were on a 16 day tour of Armenia and Karabakh from July 24 to August 8, 2011.  Everything in the tour was organized, directed and executed professionally . I cannot understate our satisfaction with our memorable vacation to our historic homeland, which was my first. From the minute we landed at Zvartnots Airport to the minute departing Yerevan from Zvartnots was handled extremely well. We were very happy with all our hotels, restaurants, transportation, cities, towns, villages, churches, monasteries, resorts, factories, markets, museums...etc.  We visited all 10 provinces in Armenia proper and major cities in Karabakh.
Even before arriving in Armenia, the staff of "Exotic Armenia Tours" and I were in constant communication for more than 7 months in preparation for our trip. They helped me with obtaining entry visas and customized our itinerary. Picked suitable hotels, restaurants and point of interest, even provided me with a cell phone SIM card to use while in Armenia and many, many other details, too many to mention in this email.
The driver and the guide were always on time to pick us up in their private 4-door luxury sedan from our hotels and made sure that my wife's and my needs were met.  During the very hot days that we were in Armenia, they made sure we were cool in the car and elsewhere. Provided us with plenty of cold water, stopped whenever possible for restrooms, water, food, other needs and photo opportunities. They were polite and courteous and treated with respect. Maria's knowledge of Armenia's history is unparalleled. She has a wealth of information about everything Armenian (old and new) which made us confident that we were receiving the best information possible from a highly educated and an expert tour guide.
My next trip to Armenia - which I hope will be in the near future - Exotic Armenia Tours will be the one organizing it. Not a doubt about it.
Thank you very much again, for all that you did for my wife and I.  We are extremely grateful for everything. 

Vic A. M., USA

Hi Hasmik,
The trip was awesome! Armenia provides a timeless library and garden of knowledge, a blend of history and beauty in one place. With the help of your professional and resourceful guides, I could explore the depth of Armenian culture and history without barrier of language. Visit to museums and historical places are on top of my interest while exploring cities in Armenia. It is however, I understand that Armenia is not familiar to Indonesian public, merely due to lack of information and accessibility. I hope the improving bilateral cooperation between the two countries could also boost up tourism and exchange of travelers as well as commodities. Overall, excellent and recommended service.

Thank you & regards,
Aria Widyanto, Indonesia

Best trip I’ve ever taken for this year and it had everything to do even short days travel. With this travel company and our tour guide (Nour). Everything for the initial trip, planning, schedule process for an unforgettable experience. The day trips had perfect combination of fun, educational and relaxing. Itinerary was well thought & not to be missed opportunities to see beautiful places in Armenia - lake Sevan, Noravank, Khor virap and Tsakghador. I would highly recommend your company in Armenia wanting a cultural knowledge, educational, fun and relaxed holiday with fine services - they deliver! Keep it up

Thank you and best regards,
Rhubi S. UAE

Hi Hasmik

The tour was absolutely fantastic.  The car was perfect.  Lots of space, very clean and water every day.

Nour was a wonderful driver who, with his knowledge of the areas,  my interest in history and his English, was able to add so much more to the tour than just being my driver.

Diane was simply fantastic.  Her depth of knowledge about Armenian history, her sense of humor and her desire to ensure I learned as much as possible about Armenia made my tour an absolute pleasure.

I loved the varied lunch meals every day and without that, I am certain i would not have tried half the foods i was able to experience.

Other than that, I cannot think of anything I would change.  The tour was everything I had hoped for.  (And I highly, highly recommend the hotel in Dilijan and the hotel in Yerevan.  Both were superb.)


Thank you to all for the absolutely wonderful experience in Armenia.


Kindest regards,

Deborah A. USA

Dear Jasmin,
What an amazing job you did assisting my family with our Armenia, Georgia and Karabakh vacation this summer.
We must have made you work way too hard on this one, but you never complained and just kept making it better.
By the way, the tour "Adventures across the Caucasus" indeed was the most adventurous tour program we have ever had. The food was excellent in all 3 countries, and the guide was very professional.
Needless to say, we will be recommending you and your excellent services to everyone that we know.
Next year, Jerry and I want to be back to Armenia for trekking.

Thank you and best regards,
Mike D., USA

As being a traveling family we were not expecting anything like this.. We grew in love with Armenia more.. Its such a nice place with friendly people.. Out of so much countries we have visited Armenia will remain on top of the list.. and would like to visit the country again.. We were a group of 2 adults and 2 children..
Our guide Nour was exceptional.. He got in grove with the children very fast.. He always made sure that we were comfortable and was very flexible with the timings as we were travelling with children.. His choices of food as well as the place for dining for us was so good that we still keep talking about it.. He had deep knowledge not only about Armenia but all over the world.. His photography skills are also very good.. I would strongly suggest recommend your company to anyone visiting Armenia..
A big Thank you to Nour for making our trip special.. We promise to come back for more days and to enjoy Armenia more..

Tijoy T. - UAE

When words aren't enough

Armenia..Armenia..Armeniaaa....This country was a really a huge ice breaker for us. The views, the mountains, the historical places, the waters, the vibrant people and last but not the least the mouth watering Armenian Cuisine. Will remember this trip for a whole lifetime.

But, nothing would have been possible if it weren't for our dear guide. Being with him, we got to love Armenia as the country it is and more. There was nothing to complain about. He made sure that we were at ease throughout the 5 days of our trip.

We will miss him and your beautiful country. Hoping to come back again for a bigger visit to cover more places.

Thank you and best regards,
John U., USA

Hi Mariam,

We are back safe and sound. Wow! What a great trip we had with you.  The Armenian’s are the most gracious people on earth which of course includes you as our tour guide. Thank you again for taking care of us and planning our trip so perfectly. Stef and I felt so at home and safe with you and we will remember this trip as being the trip of a lifetime. 

My eyes well up with tears as I think about what we experienced. The food,  the history and the Armenians. I feel a connection to Armenia that I never had before. It’s truly a beautiful feeling. 

Thank you sweet Mariam for a wonderful experience. 

We shall meet again and I hope when YOU come to America we will great you with open arms. 


Bev. USA

Best of Armenia and Artsakh

This was one of our best holidays for some time, as our five days were in the careful hands of Mariam, who tried her utmost to fulfil our days with the highlights of Artsakh. All hotels, wineries and restaurants chosen were excellent picks and we enjoyed the wine and the exquisite Armenian food with some extra kilos in our waist. Mariam is a gem and the right person to discover ARMENIA with.

Efikri, Belguim

Dear Hasmik,

We had a wonderful time in Armenia! The trip was made better with the immensely enjoyable company of Nour. We enjoyed every moment of our time in Armenia.

Below is a detailed feedback of each aspect of the tour. I hope this is helpful. It’s a very objective feedback based on our experience.

1.     The Itinerary

The itinerary plan was perfect. It was planned out considering our requirements (to reduce number of monastery visits, for instance) and also not too tiring. We had time to relax and rest at the end of each day, which we believe is very important to make sure the holiday is a perfect relaxation. The tour was also well chalked out to include most regions of the country, covering nature, history, culture etc. We’d surely recommend this trip to anyone planning to visit Armenia.

2.     The Guide

The guide is an integral part of a good trip. Nour was just awesome, in every sense of the word. His knowledge of the place was really commendable. This, coupled with his patient listening and answering my husband’s constant questions was something noteworthy. He was very caring and friendly, always ready to help us wherever possible, whether it was language, untimely stops for refreshments, guiding us to the right photo spots and of course always being available to help us with clicking photos. We’ve traveled to many places with different guides. Nour was surely one of the best guides we have ever had. Next time we plan to visit Armenia, please make sure Nour is available for us! :) 

3.     The Hotels

All of them were very good.

4. The Car

The car was very spacious and the AC was very good. It was the perfect vehicle for a small group like ours. The driver ensured that the car was clean and also made sure we had water bottles every day. Additionally, he is an excellent driver! :)


All in all, thanks to you and your team for making sure we had such a wonderful, memorable holiday. We will surely recommend Armenia as a destination to our friends and would certainly recommend your company to show them around. We hope to visit Armenia again in the near future and we will surely contact you. Thanks, once again. :) 


Take care! 



Madhulika - Kuwait


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